MIIT Releases New Pollution Control Measures on Electronic and Electric products for Public Comment

Jun. 05th, 2012

The measures aimed at control and minimizing impacts on environment and human health by reducing the hazardous substances contained in the Electronic and Electric products, which including: Lead and their compounds, mercury and mercury compounds, cadmium and cadmium compounds, hexavalent chromium and their compounds, PBB, PBDE and other substances consider as hazardous by other regulations.

Manufacturers of the products are required to reduce the levels and emission of the hazardous substances in design, production process, and packaging of the products. In selling and distributing of the products, informations about the hazards contained in the products should be labeled and communicated to the users,  including: name, content, location, recyclable or not, impact on environmental or human health if inappropriately managed, time limit for environmental concerning, etc.

The imported electronic and electric products are subject to the control measures as well. They shall first be statutory inspected and checked by Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ) and then cleared to the Custom in providing Declaration Certification issued by CIQ.

The measures will replace the “Pollution Control Measures on electronic products”, which was published in 2006.


MIIT’s new release(in Chinese)