China to Update its Regulation on Road Transport of Hazardous Goods

Jun. 04th, 2012

The draft, formulated in accordance with the “Regulations of road transport in the people’s republic of China “and the revised “Regulations on Control over Safety of Hazardous Chemical” (Decree No. 591), apply to road transport of hazardous goods, which consist of the goods listed in the “inventory of hazardous goods” (GB 12268) and other goods consider as hazardous by other regulations.

The classification, name and coding of the goods shall be in line with serials of national standards such as “inventory of hazardous goods” (GB 12268), classification and numbering regulations of hazardous goods (GB6944) and “general technical rules on transport &package of hazardous goods”(GB 12463).

Consignors of the hazardous goods shall entrusted qualified companies with the transportation and package & label their goods in comply with relevant regulations. If hazardous chemicals are involved in the transportation, the consignors are required to provide SDS and precautionary label of the corresponding chemicals in comply with the national standards. In each transport of the hazardous goods, flags should be marked on the vehicles according to “vehicle sign for road transportation of hazard goods” (GB 13392) and the drivers and stevedores are required to operating under “rules on vehicle transportation of hazardous goods” (JT 617) and “operating practices for car transporting and handling on hazardous goods”(JT618).

The hazardous goods transporting companies are required to apply for the transporting permit from competent authorities by submitting dossiers including: Application Form; qualification materials of their vehicles, devices and staffs; Commitment of insurance purchasing; their management system of their operating and work safety, etc.