Case Study on China’s Hazardous Chemicals Registration: Emergency Phone Number

Subtle changes made to the policy of emergency phone service for China’s new hazardous chemicals registration are making some registrants confused: How do I arrange my emergency phone service in view of China’s new hazardous chemicals registration?


August 24, 2012


In the past month following China’s implementation of the revised hazardous chemicals (HC) registration decree (SAWS Order 53 of 2012), many a company registrant was wandering whether they could put a commissioned telephone number for the required emergency consulting obligation. Some received the NRCC reply that this special phone number should not be consigned to “unofficial” chemical research institutes or service agents as it used to be under the 2002 legislative version. Then, what entities are allowed to undertake the emergency consulting service for company registrants? What do the new rules say about it?

Industry News - Chemical
Aug. 24th, 2012