China Pesticide


In China, pesticides are mainly managed by the Regulation on “Pesticide Administration” (Decree No. 326). The Regulation is promulgated by the State Council of P.R. China to supervise and control manufacturing, distributing and use of pesticides in China. It entered into force on May 8, 1997. In 2017, “Pesticide Administration” was revised and 11 supporting rules and regulatory documents were formulated and improved. Currently it is under the revision revised in 2017.

Our Services

• Regulatory compliance analysis report

• Literature search and data evaluation

• Risk assessment report

• New pesticide registration

• Me-too or similar product registration

• Public health pesticide registration

• Import/Export Customs Notice

Why Choose Us?

• Since 2013, REACH24H has kept an eye on China Pesticide Regulation, and all the time followed the newly enforced regulation.

• As Agrochem Department of REACH24H started with the EU and US pesticide regulatory compliant service, REACH24H owns a superior scientific evaluation system and deep technical abilities for pesticides.

• REACH24H has an excellent experts reserve, a good relationship with excellent laboratories and a good Communication with China Competent Authorities.

Our Strength

• Experienced Expert Team Support

• Strict Quality Control System

• Close Collaboration with Plenty of Experts and Predominant Laboratories

• Good Communication with China Authorities

• Fast Response to Clients Inquiries and Controlling Cost

• Obeying the Code of Ethics, Respecting the Confidentiality and Privacy of our Clients

• Excellent Project Management

Our Unremitting Effort in Regulatory Compliance with China Pesticides

Experts with solid toxicological and eco-toxicological background in both research and regulatory affairs form the current ‘China Pesticides’ unit in our technical department. Difficulties in authoring Chinese risk assessment, the identification of substance and strategy for data collection, REACH24H has immense knowledge basis along with experiences as backup.

For developing our China Pesticides regulation compliance service, we always keep on innovation. We developed Chemlinked, a rare platform providing access to the latest regulatory developments in Chemical Management in China, as well as REACH24H Chemical Inventory Search Tool.

In the past several years, we have brought our latest research and case study to the world by holding seminars and webinars in a regular basis. Cooperating with leading regulatory services providers, law enforcement authorities and industry associations, we have our workshops held in Europe, Asia and North America, diffusing chemical regulations of China. Meanwhile, our experts are always being invited by official institutions and chemical-related companies to conferences all over the world to introduce Chinese chemical regulations and their updates.

We grow with companies for advancing regulatory consciousness. Till the end of 2013, we have our workshops held in more than 20 cities. In the year of 2014, several events have already been carried forward, and many others are afoot.