Analysis Report/GLP Test Supervision

REACH24H has extensive experience on global pesticide/biocide and fertilizer registration and can provide a comprehensive relative service on all these fields. We can provide both general and custom-made Compliance/Marketing Analysis Report to meet different needs of customers. And also, since we have abundant experimental resources, we can help customers to select highly cost effective GLP laboratories, and supervise the whole process of test, including communicate with labs and finally review test report.

Analysis Report

• EPA Compliance Analysis Report

• PPP Compliance Analysis Report

• BPR Compliance Analysis Report

• China Pesticide Compliance Analysis Report

• China Disinfectant Compliance Analysis Report

• China Fertilizer Compliance Analysis Report

• Marketing Analysis Report

GLP Test Supervision

We offer our experience and support to screen laboratories and monitor all kind of tests for a pesticide registration dossier in different regions, including China, USA EPA, EU PPP, Brazil, New Zealand, Burma, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

Our Services

• Identify which tests are needed through your data gap analysis;

• Advise you in the selection of the GLP (or not) laboratory under our contract;

•  Evaluate and screen laboratory qualification and capability for you;

• Discuss, with your agreement, the guideline, test plan, test details, time and cost with the laboratory and arrange test reasonably;

• Supervise and manage the progress of test so that there is no delay and an immediate response to any problems during the design, execution and reporting phases of the test;

• Audit draft reports until the final report is completed and meets your standards. For each report, our experts will in particular:

-check the format and general information, according to those of the authorities and your requirements,

-verify the accuracy about all calculations, equations, data, statistical analysis and internal references.

Our Strengths

• Experienced Expert Team Support

• Strict Quality Control System

• Close Collaboration with Plenty of Experts and Predominant Laboratories

• Good Communication with Competent Authorities

• Fast Response to Clients Inquiries and Controlling Cost

• Obeying the Code of Ethics, Respecting the Confidentiality and Privacy of our Clients

• Excellent Project Management